Title in Hangul: 눈 딱 감고 낙하 (close your eyes and fall)

I think I’ve watched enough of her work to say that her cheekbones and wrinkles are part of her on-screen vulnerability. (A snapshot from Human Disqualified)

The fundamental premise of this poem is rooted in Gang Jae’s search for meaning. The ongoing TV series, Lost (also titled Human Disqualified, 인간실격) is messing around with our innate attraction to tragedy, romance, and meaning. …

Thanks for being the midnight sun.

Emma spoke to the press after the game as Emma Raducanu. Yes, being herself. (Image courtesy of US Open)

When my tennis 🐐 Roger Federer missing out on his favorite Grand Slam, the Wimbledon 2021 and now on a prolonged rehab to get back to the Game he has graced, I was fearing the worst for him and for myself 😕. …

Yong Yee Chong

I am a sport scholar who writes about personal stories and intersectional identity.

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